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CCRC, Inc.
P.O. Box 158 Brimhall, New Mexico 87310
Phone: (505) 735-2261
Fax: (505) 735-2258


Board of Directors

Doris Woody, Board President

Harrison Bia, Board Vice-President

Angelita Benally, Board Secretary/Treasurer

John Hunt, Board Member

CCRC Management

Jefferson Kee, Executive Director

Yvette Sandoval, Program Director

Mary L. Plummer, Finance Manager

Angelee James, Human Resource Manager

Lucille McCabe, Day Habilitation Manager

Margie Jarvison, Community Living Manager

Jonathan Avery, Employment Services Manager

Valerie Leslie, RN Agency Nurse

Jason Jansen, Health, Risk & Safety Manager

William Howard, Staff Development Trainer

Sherry Kee, Case Manager

Laura James, Case Manager

Amerind Avery, Community Living Assistant Manager


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